Leaving teaching? Have you considered a career in tech?

You trained to be a teacher to make a difference, to give back, maybe you have a passion for a particular topic, the mental stimulation really appealed plus you get a supportive community and in theory, a work life balance.

If you are looking for a change in career, have you ever considered a career as a Software Developer?  You have more transferrable skills than you know.  

Similar to teaching, tech is always evolving so you need to be life-long learner.  Most roles are now hybrid with some expectation of working from home, flexible working is a default with starting salaries of roughly £25K and senior salaries exceeding that of a Head teacher, with a fraction of the stress!

​Software Developers are needed in every industry including Science, Music, Healthcare, Retail so you can continue that passion.

​SummitToTech is a new, disruptive journey into tech.  First we will give you all the information you need decide on a career in tech, we will introduce you to some early concepts then, if you are ready, we can help you start your exciting new journey.

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Through our free community learn with other teachers about possibilities of a career in tech.  You might even cut some code!

​Launching February 2024! 

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A 12 week, intensive remote learning journey with our skilled instructors taking you through frontend, backend, agile and cloud basics to give you the best possible foundation.

​Our goal is to make tech accessible so the cost will be £1000 upfront and £1000 upon completion to start your career in tech.

​First cohort in March 2024!

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Our 10 week advanced course is our secret sauce, the bridge to employment with industry coaches and the expertise to develop and maintain a product in live.

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Our unique Team-As-A-Service consultancy combines your junior talent with senior developers.  The perfect solution to bring a product inhouse.

Summit To Tech - The Destination for junior tech talent.

Take your first steps in tech

With our dedicated free community packed with resources and advice to help you towards a career as a Software Developer.